Wherever Jesus walked.

Wherever Jesus walked, He would watch the people. More than once, He had compassion on them. Because He saw them as sheep without a shepherd. People found out about Jesus’s healing of all types of diseases. They came from all over the region. They came because no one had ever helped them. They had hope and came. Also, the pharisees and scribes came to see for themselves. And to try to trap Jesus in His words. When Jesus answered their questions, it shut their mouths. Jesus percieved as a man and loves as God. It’s an interesting combination that we have also. If the pharisees and scribes would have opened their hearts to hear, they would have been amazed at Jesus’s teachings. So many understood what Jesus was saying. But they didn’t want to lose their power and position. Which they lost anyway in the end. The only time that they could use His words against Him was the night they condemned Him to the cross. But they condemned themselves. Because when they heard the truth and understood, they choose not to believe. You see, God doesn’t send anyone to hell. You have to choose hell over heaven.

Crain Blanchard.



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