Dying to Oneself.

This is the me generation, me,myself and I. The thought of dying is so foreign, it’s unrealistic to most people. And what’s even sadder is it is what most of the church believes. Jesus was a man for a reason. He came to show us how to live and to die. Do you think Jesus wanted to go to the cross? He asked God 3 times in the garden of gethsemane don’t to die. But He knew that He had to die to fulfill God’s plan. Jesus taught that no man comes to the Father but through Him. Or more appropriately through His death. Which means that we as Christians must die to oneself. Only through our death can we achieve that relationship with God, our Father. This isn’t a onetime occurence. I die daily that I might achieve God’s plan for me. Most Christians today wouldn’t survive the first century. There was only one church and if you didn’t belong you were normally killed by the world. And guess what, its happening again. Dying to oneself is the only way to survive this world. It’s your choice.

Crain Blanchard.



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