Against All Odds.

We all love stories of adversity. How people can overcome insurmountable odds. They did it through personal characteristics, help from others or just pulling yourself up by the boot straps. We love and enjoy super heroes. Because they exhibit the characteristics we should have. But there is one man most people don’t want to hear about His exploits. His mother was engaged to a young man in their community. It was a conservative group of people. She became pregnant. Went to her cousin Elizabeth’s house for six months. She went home to face her fiance. The angel Gabriel had spoken to Joseph. He took Mary as his wife. Then when she due, the Romans had everyone go to the city of their family and register and pay taxes. Mary rode 90 miles on a donkey to get to Bethlehem. Then when they got there, there was no room for them. All they had was a stable. This is winter in Israel. It’s the cold and rainy season. It rains from December to March. People complain about hardships. But Joseph and Mary succeeded against all odds.

Crain Blanchard.

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