The Decision.

Jesus went to Bethany to see about Lazarus. He talked to his sisters, Martha and Mary. Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. Jesus went so that people would believe on Him. Lazarus’ sisters and many Jews followed Jesus to the graveyard. Jesus had them to remove the stone in front of the grave. Jesus prayed and called Lazarus arise. Lazarus walked out of his grave. Many believed but some went to the religious leaders. They made the decision to kill Jesus. Jesus didn’t walk openly among the Jews anymore. Passover was soon. The Jews looked for Jesus. Jesus had already made the decision to go to Jerusalem. He knew the time had come. To those who believe, you made the decision to die to yourself and follow Jesus. What about now? Are you still dead to yourself? Are you still following Jesus? Or have you gone your own way? Jesus is calling you again. Step out of the hole you are in and follow. Make that decision today.

Crain Blanchard

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