The Place of the Skull.

Most don’t believe that God is in control. They go about their lives as if it was all they had. It’s a hopeless circle. Day in and day out, there nose to the grind. God gave Jesus a choice, whether or not to go to the cross. Jesus choose the cross. The religious leaders judged Him and took Him to Pilate. He didn’t find any guilt in Him, the blameless sacrifice. The religious leaders cried crucify Him. So, much so, that Pilate said take Him and do what you will. The Romans took Jesus and 2 others to the place of the skull to crucify them. You would think all is lost. But the thief on the right of Jesus asked for forgiveness. Jesus told him that he would be with Him in paradise today. God’s plan will accomplish whatever no matter what man thinks or does. And the place of the skull, golgatha, is a place of honor. My hope is in the one who rose from the dead, Jesus.

Crain Blanchard

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