Jesus had risen, the Holy Ghost was given to man, and the disciples now had the boldness of God. Peter and John went to the temple for the hour of prayer. They had to enter at the gate Beautiful. There was a man lame from birth, begging for alms. He called out to Peter and John for alms. Peter looked upon him and said, silver and gold I don’t have, but what I do have I will give you. In Jesus name, rise and be healed. Peter took his hand and pulled him up. As he came up, he was healed. He began leaping and praising God. So much so, that all the people in the temple came to him to see what had happened. Peter began to explain about Jesus. He told them they needed to repent ask for forgiveness and believe God. This man, Peter, was the same man who denied Jesus and hid from the religious leaders for fear of his life. So what happened to him? It was the baptism of the Holy Ghost that changed everything. The power of God picked him up and turned him into the leader of the church. Boldness is a gift of God. And if you are willing, God will give it to you. Just step out into boldness.

Crain Blanchard.

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