Recount the Testimonies.

Paul was being held prisoner at Ceasarea, because he went to Jerusalem. The religious leaders wanted to kill Paul. But the Romans had stop it. God’s plan was that Paul was to preach the gospel at Jerusalem, then Judea and to the uttermost parts of the world. By the way, is our plan also. Paul had been held prisoner for more than two years. A new Roman governor was going to listen to Paul and invited king Agrippa. They listen intently and Paul preached the gospel. When he finished, king Agrippa said you almost persuade me to be a Christian. King David said to encourage himself, he would recount the testimonies of the Lord or preach the gospel. God has called us to tell the story of Jesus with our lives as well as speaking to people. As we speak forth, not only does the story ring true in our lives, but it also does in others. Recounting the testimonies of the Lord has always been God’s plan for us. As Paul did in the first century and turn his world around, so do we in this century.

Crain Blanchard.

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