Our Justification.

Paul wrote in Romans 4, about Abraham. Many people believe that they will go heaven because of the good things they do on this earth. Paul talks about good works that with a quarter, will get you a cup of coffee. It’s not that we don’t do good works, but they don’t justify us before God. Then how do we get into heaven? Let’s look at Abraham. Abraham was helping his father sell idols in the land of the Chaldeans, where God spoke to him. God told to go to a land flowing with milk and honey. So, he packed up his household goods and walk 1000 miles with 300 families. He was looking for the city made by God, the promise land. Abraham wasn’t justified by the journey he took, nor was he justified by giving money to God. He was justified before he left his father’s house. Abraham was justified by faith in God. He would have never left home if he hadn’t believed. Faith, believing and trusting God is the only thing that will justify you before God. It begins today, before you leave home, faith in God, our justification.

Crain Blanchard.


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