The Worthlessness of Works alone.

There are 2 parts to the gospel, the law and grace. Before the law was given to man, only death reigned not sin. The law brought the knowledge and accountability for sin. It’s the works towards God. And many hebrews believed that they could enter in with just works. But without faith they couldn’t enter in. Then Jesus came and brought grace. And people believed and had faith towards God. And yet in the end, Jesus will reject people who have lived in the church. If it isn’t just the law or just faith, what are we to do? The bible is one book. There aren’t any divisions in it. It is Jesus from one end to the other. If you don’t believe the entire bible, you have missed the mark. Faith has been required since the beginning. But if you don’t do something about your faith, it dies within you. This was true 6000 years ago. And it’s true today. Faith without works is dead, being alone. It takes the law and grace to be saved.

Crain Blanchard.

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