Ephesus, the center for Christianity.

Ephesus was a free city in the Roman empire. It was a center for trade in Asia Minor. It was a weathly city. It had street lights, running water, a sewer system and Roman air conditioning. This is where Paul met Priscilla and Aquila, sellers of purple. Paul is writing from prison in Rome to the Ephesians. It was an important city because it was the center of Christianity in the first century. With riches, we have a tendency to become spiritual lazy. Paul, in his letter, reminds the Ephesians about how they were saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. It was through forgiveness of sin and the grace of God that we are Christians. We are to bring this to remembrance to stay in right relationship with God. No matter what we have on this earth, all that matters is our relationship with God. Ephesians 1.

Crain Blanchard.


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