In Thessolonica.

Paul was in Corinth, when he wrote to the Thessalonians. Paul had a vision of a man praying that he would come to Macedonia. Paul started in Philippi. After the church was established and he was run out of town, he went to Thessalonica. Paul spent about a month there before he was forced to leave. He was writing to the church to encourage them. While Paul was there, he didn’t ask for an offering. He said he did that so no one could have anything against him. He said like a nurse cares for children. Anyone who preaches the gospel also lives by the gospel. But the church at Philippi had brought an offering to him twice. It was important enough to remind them of it. Like most places Paul had been, he was forced out of Thessolonica. He headed to Athens from there. God doesn’t require more than what we have in our hands. If we have some money to give to the gospels sake, then give. If it is 2 pennies, like the widow at the temple or 2 turtle doves like Mary and Joseph, it is enough. It is the act of giving with a whole heart that God is interested in.

Crain Blanchard.

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