Leadership in the church.

Paul wrote to Timothy about who can be in the role of leadership in the church. God will always have people in the church that will rise to occasion as leaders. Paul set down requirements for a bishop and deacon. Basically the requirements are the same. Paul said they couldn’t be a novice in the faith, avoiding pitfalls that most Christians go through. Huband and wife are called together into leadership in the church. Leadership in the church is a calling of God. You can’t fake it. It becomes apparent to the church who God called. In 1 Timothy 3, Paul list the things a church leader can and can’t do. Then he tells Timothy to behave himself in church. Leading a church will test your faith and resolve to do God’s will. There is a scripture that says to lay hands on no man suddenly. I will tell you for a fact, there have been people in the church I would have layed hands on suddenly and repeatedly. So, Paul says knowing that God called you to lead this church, do it with all godliness and faith.

Crain Blanchard.


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