Believers and Persecution.

Every believer will suffer persecution. This isn’t a new testament principle. It’s a biblical one. The Israelites had returned to Jerusalem. The bible says that when they read the word of God and saw the temple, the old men cried. The young men shouted for joy. The noise was so great they couldn’t hear the crying. Everyone was set in order of the work. Everything was going as planned, when the people of the land objected to the Israelites rebuilding the temple. They wrote a letter to the king saying they wouldn’t pay taxes and were going to rebel against the king. The king stopped the work on the temple. We as believers are the temple of God. We begin the process of rebuilding and something comes along to try and stop us. God says when you are tempted, He will always make the way of escape. So we aren’t tempted beyond what we are able. So it was with the Israelites. Believers being persecuted is nothing new.

Crain Blanchard.

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