And It was on this Wise:

In the coming blogs, I am going to write about the 4 gospels in chronological order. It is a study of the life of Jesus. There hadn’t been a prophet in Israel for 400 years. God was preparing Israel for the coming of Jesus. When the time had arrived, God sent Gabriel to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. Zacharias was high priest and in the holy of holies and preforming his duties burning incense before God. Gabriel appeared to Zacharias and began to speak to him about coming events. Zacharias was afraid and didn’t believe Gabriel. God struck him mute. Gabriel said he wouldn’t speak until his son John was born. Zacharias and Elizabeth were older and passed child bearing age. But God was going to bring to pass His word. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb. Gabriel’s work was finished. He would speak to a virgin in Nazareth also. Matthew 1, Luke 1.

Crain Blanchard.

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