The Ministry of Jesus, the opening events.

John was sent by God to begin baptizing people in River Jordan. He was baptizing for people to repent for the remission of sin. Religious leaders came out to see if John was the Christ. All Israel was expecting the messiah. John told them he wasn’t the one. There one coming after him that was. John said I baptize in water for the remission of sin, but He that comes after me will baptize in the Holy Ghost and fire. John exhorted the people to bring forth fruit of their repentance. John saw Jesus and said, behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. Jesus came to be baptized, but John said no, I must be baptized. Jesus said to fulfill all righteousness, I will be baptized. When Jesus came out of the water, a dove from heaven descended upon Him. And a voice from heaven said, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. The power of the Holy Ghost came upon Jesus and compelled Him into the wilderness. Matt.3, Mark 1, Luke 3, John 1.

Crain Blanchard.

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