The Nazarene.

Jesus returned from the wilderness, walking passed John the Baptist. When he saw Jesus, said behold the lamb of God. The 2 disciples, one being Peter’s brother Andrew, standing next to John, followed Jesus. They ask Him where He lived. Jesus said follow me. They stayed the night talking to Jesus. The disciples returned home. And Jesus returned to Nazareth. The next sabbath Jesus preached in the synagogue in Nazareth. He stood up and preached from Isaiah ch.61. Which describes the messiah. Jesus said that this scripture is fulfilled in your ears. They wanted to throw Him off a cliff. Jesus moved to Capernaum. As Jesus was walking on the seashore, He saw Andrew, Peter’s brother, and called him to follow. Andrew went to his brother and told him I found the messiah. Jesus called Peter. Then John and James, then Philip and Nathanael. Jesus was calling the 12 disciples. He had begun healing people. And people were following Him. For now Jesus and His disciples were staying at Peter’s house.

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