The Closing Events: the Crucifixion.

Crucifixion – Matt.27:33-56,66; Mark 15:22-41,47; Luke 23:26-49,56, John 19:16-37.
Jesus was led to Golgotha, to be crucified. Simon of Cyrene carried the cross for Jesus. Jesus spoke the women weeping for him. He told them to weep for the people of Jerusalem. The Romans brought him to the place of the skull (Golgotha). There they stripped him and nailed him to the tree. Placing a scroll above his head, written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, saying that Jesus was the King of the Jews. On each side of Jesus, 2 thieves were also crucified. One asked for forgiveness and the other cursed God. The Romans cast lots for Jesus’ garment (prayer shawl). From the 6th hour until the 9th, the earth was in darkness. This is when Jesus cried out to God, “why have you forsaken me”. God couldn’t look on sin and Jesus became the sin offering. Jesus gave up the Spirit at the 9th hour of the day. This is the time of the evening sacrifice in the temple. The veil separating the inner court from the Holy of Holies was split in two. Joseph of Arimathea with Nicodemas, received permission from Pilate to bury Jesus. With myrrh and aloes, they prepared and buried Jesus.

Prophesy: Fulfillment:
Gen.3:15 Rom.16:20; Col.2:15 Jesus triumphed over the devil.
Ex.12:46 John 19:32,33,36 No broken bones.
Ps.2:2 Mark 15:1 Rulers & Kings counseled against Jesus.
Ps.22:1 Matt.27:46 Why have you forsaken me.
Ps.22:6-8 Matt.27:39-44 Mocking Jesus on the cross.
Ps.22:16 John 20:25 Pierced hands and feet.
Ps.22:17 Matt.27:36 Kept watch over him.
Ps.22:18 Matt.27:35 Casts lots for prayer shawl.
Ps.31:5 Luke 23:46 Gave up his Spirit to God.
Ps.35:11 Mark 14:56 False witnesses.
Ps.38:11 Luke 23:49 Friends & relatives stand far off.
Ps.41:9 John 13:16 A friend betrays him.
Ps.69:19 Matt.27:28,29 Enemies encompass him.
Isa.50:6 Matt.26:67 Was beaten & spat upon.
Isa.53:3 Jn.1:11;Mk.14:27 Rejected by his people.
Isa.53:5,6,10 Rom.4:25; 5:6,8 Took our sins & bore them.
Isa.53:7 Matt.26:62,63 Didn’t open his mouth.
Isa.53:7 Matt.27:13,14 Lamb to slaughter.
Isa.53:8 Mark 15:1-25 Prison & judgment.
Isa.53:9 Matt.27:57-60 His grave with the rich.
Isa.53:12 Mark 15:27,28 Numbered with transgressors.
Isa.61:8 Mark 14:24 Everlasting Covenant.
Dan.9:26 Matt.26:24 Messiah shall be cut off.
Amos 8:9 Matt.27:45 6th hour earth was darkened.
Zech.11:12 Matt.26:15 30 pieces of silver.
Zech.11:13 Matt.27:3-7 Silver given for Potter’s field.
Zech.12:10 John 19:34 Pierced.
Zech.13:7 Mark 14:27,50 Smite the Shepherd.
Zech.13:7 Matt.26:31 Sheep scattered.

Crain Blanchard.

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