The Church: Paul in Athens.

Paul had gone to Athens. While there, he saw that the city was given to idolatry. The people were either Epicureans or Stoics. He began to preach Jesus. Some philosophers asked Paul to share his teaching at the acropolis. This where philosophers gathered to hear new ideas. Paul went and preached Jesus. They ask him to come to the Acropolis to preach. Philosophers gathered there each day to hear new ideas. Paul preached Jesus’s death and resurrection. Some believed. It is hard for people to believe when they’re filled with different philosophies. Paul didn’t stay in Athens long. He went on to Corinth. Corinth was the worst city in the mediterranean area. Paul stayed in Corinth for a year and a 1/2. A person must come to the end of themselves to be able to hear. God does not force the gospel on any one. God will draw you to Himself but you have to make the decision. And if you put off the decision there’s no guarantee that you’ll come back. That’s why God says preach the gospel to every person. This world is lost and dying and is in need of the gospel.

Crain Blanchard.

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