The Church: Persecuted in Corinth.

Paul preached in the synagogue in Corinth. Many people believed, including the leader of the synagogue. Many Greeks also believed. Paul baptized them. Paul, Silas and Timothy were in Corinth for a year and 1/2. A new governor came to Corinth and the Jews who didn’t believe wanted Paul gone. When people are faced with the decision to accept Jesus or not, it shakes everything they believe. And most people don’t like it. I didn’t. But the truth won out. We are sinners separated from God. Then we can make the right choice, Jesus. Paul worked with the Corinthian church. He preached in the synagogue as long as they let him. The Corinthian church grew strong in the Lord. Paul stayed as long as he could, building the church on the word of God. Then the persecution came. And Paul, Silas and Timothy had to leave. Priscilla and Aquila left with them. They sailed to Ephesus. Acts 18.

Crain Blanchard.

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