The Church: Paul wrote more letters.

Wherever Paul went the Holy Ghost went. Paul preached the gospel to everyone. Some accepted Jesus, some didn’t. And the reaction was just as great for both sides. Paul had been chased out of every city he had preached in. Some sooner rather than later. Paul was back in Ephesus. The same thing happen again in Ephesus. This time it was the idol makers that started a riot. They didn’t catch Paul, but they caught several disciples. They beat them with whips and let them go. The church at Ephesus pleaded with Paul to leave. Paul told everyone goodbye and left for Macedonia. Paul was in Macedonia. He heard that Judaizers had convinced the Galatian church, mostly Gentiles, that they were not believers unless they were circumcised. Paul wrote to the Galatian church about being justified by faith and Christian freedom. When you have accepted Jesus as the Christ, the enemy will come in like a flood to steal, kill and destroy. We stand by faith and trust in our Lord Jesus. Your salvation is personal. It belongs to you and doesn’t depend on what anybody says that you have to do. It depends on what God has to say. And He said it over 2000 years ago. It doesn’t change. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Crain Blanchard.

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