The Church: Paul strengthening the Body.

Paul knew what God was expecting. He was revisiting the churches he had started. They were having problems that needed to be resolved. For those churches that Paul couldn’t get to, he wrote letters. Paul wrote most of the New Testament. Again remember that Paul didn’t have the New Testament to refer to. He was writing from the Old Testament. Every book in the bible was written by an orthodox Jew, both new and old testament. Paul left Philippi for Corinth. The Jewish leaders were still looking for Paul. He had to be careful about where he went and said. But Paul was there to encourage the church. He left Corinth with the leaders from Thessalonica, Berea and Corinth. They sailed to Ephesus. He was teaching the leaders how to teach and run a church. At Ephesus, the churches gathered to hear Paul. The bible calls Paul long winded. So much so, that a young man fell asleep in the third loft and fell to his death. They brought him to Paul. He prayed and the boy came alive. Paul said his goodbyes and left with Luke and Silas headed to Jerusalem. How many people do you know that have purposed in their hearts to follow God unto the death? This is the only way to serve God.

Crain Blanchard.

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