Romans Ch.12.Christian Ethics.

Romans 12 – Christian Ethics.
Do you know what ethics are?
vs.1 – present yourselves as living sacrifices.
vs.2 – be not conformed to this world.
vs.3 – don’t be puff up, with your own importance.
vs.4 – everyone is the same, the sons of God.
vs.5 – all are of one body.
vs.6 – each to function according to your faith.
vs.7 – in serving, in teaching.
vs.8 – in exhorting, in giving, in leading, in mercy.
vs.9 – truly loving.
vs.10 – devote yourselves one to another.
vs.11 – serve God, with diligence.
vs.12 – with hope, patience and devotions to God.
vs.13 – contributing to the needs of the saints.
vs.14 – bless everyone.
vs.15 – rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.
vs.16 – be of the same mind.
vs.17 – never pay back evil for evil.
vs.18 – be at peace with all.
vs.19 – God will take vengeance.
vs.20 – help your enemy, to show the world who God is.
vs.21 – overcome evil with good.

Crain Blanchard.

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