Romans Ch.14.Conscience Sake.

Romans 14 – Conscience Sake – God tells us not to judge our brother who is weak in the faith nor the one who is weak in the faith to judge one who is stronger, in food, clothing, or days observed. For God is the judge of all. We will all stand before Him. For conscience sake, we are to uphold the body of Christ. It says that if a brother is offended because you do something, though you have the liberty in Christ, do not do it because of your brother. Again, the younger brother needs to understand that he doesn’t have the liberty in Christ to judge other. It doesn’t make it a sin for the older brother. But what God is saying, is not to offend you brother. Heaven isn’t food and drink, but love, joy and peace in God. God is saying not to judge one another. Because God is the Judge of all. If you have ought against someone, go to them in love and talk to them. Then if you win them over, God has won. This is for Conscience Sake.

Crain Blanchard.

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