2 Corinthians Ch.4 – Comparisons.

2 Corinthians 4 – Paul makes comparisons. vs.1,2 – Hidden and The Open – they preached the gospel openly and didn’t hide anything from you. vs.3,4 – The Blinded and Enlightened – the light of the gospel has been blinded from some by the god of this world. vs.5 – The Master and Slaves – Jesus is being preached as Lord and Savior and ourselves as servants of God. vs.6 – Light and Darkness – The light of Jesus is to shine through us into the darkness of the world.vs.7 – The Mighty and the Frail – This light of Jesus, that is contained in our frail earthen vessels, might shine through us to show the majesty and power of God. vs.8-10 – Trials and Triumphs – We go through trials to show the death of Jesus and ourselves, that the life and triumph of Jesus may be manifested in our body. vs.11,12 – Life and Death – John the Baptist said I must decrease and Jesus to increase in order that Jesus be manifested in our bodies. vs.13 – The Written and Spoken – As we believe what is written, the Word of God, we will began to speak faith. vs.14 – The Past and Future – If God raised Jesus from the dead, then He will raise us.vs.15 – Grace and Thanksgiving – The grace that has been given, is to cause people to give thanks to God.vs.16 – The Outer and Inner Man – Though the outer man is dying , do not lose heart, the inner man is being renewed daily. vs.17 – Affliction and Glory – Momentary (long enough to do the work) affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory (our reward in heaven) beyond anything we can think of. vs.18 – The Seen and Unseen – The Temporal and Eternal – we do not look at the natural, but look to the spiritual for they are eternal.

Crain Blanchard.


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