Galatians 3 – Contrasts.

Galatians 3 – vs.1-5 – Paul is telling the Galatians, how could you let someone trick you, after knowing the truth. How can anyone be perfected by the works of the law? vs.6-9 – Abraham, before the law, was justified by faith. He being the father of our faith. We become the sons of Abraham, by believing in God not by works. vs.10-14 – Everyone who tries to keep the law, must keep the whole law, otherwise to suffer to curse of the law. Jesus became the curse for us, to redeem us from it. vs.15-24 – The promise was given to Abraham before the law. Abraham believed God and was justified before Him. The Law was added because of transgressions. The Law was not to justify, but to instruct us in the ways of God and to lead us to Jesus. Once the Christ was revealed, we stand upon the Law, because we have Jesus and grace.

Crain Blanchard.

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