Galatians 5 – Works of the Flesh.

Galatians 5 – vs.1 – Christ has set us free. Why do you go back into bondage, keeping the law or making laws for yourself to keep? vs.2-4 – Being circumcised is trying to be justified by the Law. If you do this, you leave behind the grace of God and Christ died in vain. vs.6 – Faith in Christ, working through love, is the only way. This is not love by word, but by deed also.
Faith – muscles.
Love – life.
Hope – cord that holds faith and love together.
vs.7-11 – Be careful a little heresy or error will corrupt the whole assembly. vs.13-15 – “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
The Works of the Flesh: vs.19-21
1) Adultery.
2) Fornication – practice idolatry and adultery.
3) Uncleanness- Impure, lewd.
4) Lasciviousness – Licentiousness, wantonness.
5) Idolatry
6) Witchcraft – Drugs, sorcery, witchcraft.
7) Hatred
8) Variance – Wrangling, contention, strife.
9) Emulations.
10) Wrath – fierceness, indignation.
11) Strife
12) Seditions – dissention, division.
13) Heresies
14) Envying.
15) Murders
16) Drunkenness
17) Revelings
Gal.5:21 “of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Crain Blanchard.

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