Where do you start? It something that is prevalent in this society today. It is caused by what we do. It is a choice that we make because we want what we want. People don’t really understand what it really cost. Hopelessness is a destroyer of all that is good in this life. I grow up in the 1960’s and I know from first hand the reasons why people rebelled against God. It wasn’t real or true. People were hurt and afraid of what was going on in the world. So people ran with drugs, sex and violence. Now it’s like people have accepted this corrupted lifestyle as what is real and normal. When it’s so far from God, it creates hopelessness. Jesus is calling and wants us to come home. It is the only answer for hopelessness. We always have a choice. I hear many people say that God loves and wouldn’t send us to hell. But I will tell you a truth. God loves the people in hell and much as He loves the people in heaven. We make the choice to go heaven or hell. It is our choice, not God’s. It is called free will. It is sad how many people use their free will to rebel against God. But God is willing to forgive us of our sins, if only we will turn toward God. Ask God to forgive you of your sins and let Him into your life. God will forgive and take us back. How do I know that this is true? Because He took me back after running away from God for 28 years. Turn and ask for forgiveness. God will take you back home.

Crain Blanchard.



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