The Call.

The Call.
Unfortunately, Christianity is struggling to survive in this world. God has a people that haven’t bowed their knee to baal. But haven’t taken the fight to the devil. This is where the fight belongs. Instead they are fighting for food, clothing and shelter. God says if you seek Him first, He will provide all things. But it’s to seek Him first. We are saved in a big flurry, then we sit down say that is enough. Then we struggle the rest of our lives. The Call of God isn’t just so that you don’t feel guilty about your sins. It’s a walk from your salvation all the way home. God wants us to come home. But if you don’t keep on walking toward home, you are as God says walking away. God says that those who endure to the end shall be saved. This isn’t a if or maybe. This is reality, God’s reality. Just going to church doesn’t get you into heaven. At the great white throne judgement, Jesus will reject people who have worked in the church and done miracles. It is because they never knew Jesus. Walking with God is getting to know who He is. The Call has gone out for over 2000 years. Ever since Jesus was crucified on the cross. Anyone who heard that call and answered it, has a trask to perform for God. It is the work God has called us to. God wants us to read the Word of God, pray and go out into the world and preach the gospel. Every Christian is called to do this for God. You can’t hide anymore. God is calling us. Now is the time to use your free will and make the choice. Our lives depend on it. God will not force you to choose His way. But know as a Christian, you asked God to save you. You made the choice in the first place. And now it is your turn to fulfill your commitment.

Crain Blanchard.

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