Paul, Silas and Timothy went to Ephesus. They preached the gospel, thrown into prison and almost killed. But God had plans for this city. It became the center of Christianity in the 1st century. Paul wrote back to them to encourage and correct doctrine. The letter is about being in Christ Jesus and staying there.
Prison Epistle.
Key Phrase – In Christ (36 times).
The Church – main theme.
Ephesus – The Center of Christianity in the 1st Century.
Relationship – Husbands and Wives. Masters and Servants. Fathers and Sons.
Revelation of God’s eternal plan of the ages.Ch.1:4,10,11; 2:7; 3:11.
Prayers – Ch.1:13-23; 3:14-21.
Ch.1-3 – Believer’s Inheritance (doctrinal). What you are in Christ.
Ch.4-6 – Practical Walk – How To – 5 times – What you are to do because you are in Christ.
Ch.5 – Church responsibility – Husband – Wife. Wife – Husband.
Children – Parent. Parent – Children. Slaves – Masters. Masters – Slaves.

Crain Blanchard.

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