Philippians – Looking for Jesus in everything.

Philippi – city in Macedonia, named after Philip of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great.
Personal love of Paul to the Philippians, more than other epistles.
Prison Epistle.
One Admonition – 4:2.
Philippians-the only church that supported Paul’s ministry.4:15
Konosis passage – made himself of no reputation. 2:5-9.
Emptied himself of his glory – John 17:1-9.
Had no form or comeliness – Isaiah 53:1.
Most joyful epistle in Bible – rejoice in the Lord – 16 times.
Paul was imprisoned in Philippi for preaching the gospel.Acts 16:25-31

Ch.1 - Prayer for the Philippians, Paul’s imprisonment, Trials.
Ch.2 - The Konosis Passage.
Ch.3 - Obtaining our Heavenly Goal.
Ch.4 - How to maintain Joy in our Christian Life. 

Crain Blanchard.

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