The reality of Christianity#8.

The truth is, that when I came to God I basically knew nothing. I had to unlearn everything I knew about God. This is where my 2 dear friends helped me to learn. I went to their home every night for 6 months. I ate supper and they taught me about the reality of Christianity. They talk me what the scriptures literally and figurative meant.  They live their lives before me, besides teaching me the scriptures. I gained a firm foundation. To a lot of people the word discipleship is taboo. But what those friends did for me was the same as Jesus did for the disciples. Jesus discipled them. It is called discipleship. When it is done right it produces a firm foundation in Christianity. I don’t think I could have done as much as I have without their help. As the word says they have part of my reward in heaven and they will not lose it. I began to see who God is. The picture of God was becoming clearer. The Bible is the picture of Jesus. As we read and study God will give us the understanding. He will open our eyes to see and I ears to hear. 

Crain Blanchard. 

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