The reality of Christianity#11.

We all try to live our lives the best we can. Some have more, some have less. God is not concerned with what we have, but who we are. God takes who we are and transforms us into the image and likeness of Him.   The process takes all of our lives. Then God shows us what we have is for ourselves and others. There isn’t anything that God has given to us that is just for ourselves. This is how God reaches the world. He will take what we have and share it with the world. One day Peter was walking to the temple and saw a man who was on a pallet. The man could not walk and was begging for alms. Peter looked at him and said, silver and gold, I don’t have but what I have I will give you. Peter reach down and prayed for the man. He  jumped up, leaping and praising God.  This is how God uses us in this world. Look around, open your eyes and see who is in need. Let God use you and what you have for this world.  This is the reality of Christianity.

Crain Blanchard. 

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