The reality of Christianity#14.

The word of God says to study to show yourself approved of God. So I went to school. It was the University of the backside of the desert. In fact it is the same school the apostle Paul and thousands of others went to. This is where God is the schoolmaster. I began an intense Bible study that hasn’t stopped. Not only did I study, I prayed.   I put a fleece out before the Lord. I have always been shy. So I ask God to have people, even strangers, to come up to me and ask a question. When they did I knew that God had sent them. And I would share the gospel. What I did was to read The Bible, pray and do the gospel. I began to see people as God sees them. People began to see the fruit of the Spirit in my life.  Especially gentleness meekness and long suffering. My faith grew and grew.  I was seeing my prayers answered before me. I am always amazed at God’s miracles. My faith grew. In fact it is still being expanded by the gospel. My prayers have become conversations with God. I speak to my Father and he speaks to me. This is the reality of Christianity.

Crain Blanchard. 

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