The Reality of Christianity#23.

Commitment.  To varies degrees we all have some sort of commitment. We are committed to eat or wear the latest fashions.  Sometimes we have to make the hard choices and commit to things we don’t want.  But we all have to make a choice in life. And if it is something we want and make a commitment,  do we stick with it? I guess it is all in how much we want it. Jesus understood why He came  to this world. He knew He was going to died for the sins of the world.  The bible says He set His face towards Jerusalem.  When time came, Jesus and the disciples went to the garden of gethsemane to pray.  Jesus prayed 3 times not to die. But each time, He accepted God’s will and made the commitment.  Jesus didn’t want to die, but He knew that God’s will would only happen if He committed His life. Jesus is our example.  And God’s will can only take place for us if we commit our lives to Him. This is the Reality of Christianity. 

Crain Blanchard. 

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