The Reality of Christianity #34.

Followers. Every creature that God has made has a free will. This makes us the image and likeness of God. God gave the angels a free will. But if they sin, there is no redemption for them. When God made us, He gave us a free will, then provided for a redeemer. What God wants is for us to follow Him freely. Because this glorifies God. When Jesus came to earth, He called many to follow. Some did and some didn’t. Man doesn’t have the power or discipline to lead. God knows which way is right and will lead us home. This is where we have to surrender our will and follow. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge or power or money we have. All that matters is that we surrender our will and follow God home. He is the only one who knows the way home. This is the Reality of Christianity.

Crain Blanchard.

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