When I began I always thought that prayer was hard and mostly impossible to reach God. But every time I asked God for something, it seemed to show up at my doorstep. The first time I prayed for someone, I was cornered into doing it. I didn’t know whether or not would answer me. I said, “Ok, God do something.”  Guess what happened, God healed the person immediately. It surprised me so much that I began to test God. I prayed for simple things, headaches, pains, shirts, and whatever came to mind that I needed. By the way, there are no dumb things when it comes to pray. God said He would give us the Kingdom here on earth as well as in Heaven. God kept answering me and showing me that He was listening. Then I wanted to hear His voice and to know it was Him. I like the King James English version bible. God would speak to me through a scripture in King James English. For a long time that was how I heard His voice. Then God spoke to me plainly. I heard that still small voice in my heart and knew it truly was God. My prayer began to change into a constant conversation with my Father. This is what I always wanted, a real relationship with my Father, my older brother, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am not usual or strange. God talks to everyone.

Crain Blanchard.

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