Learning to Pray

When I began I would say all sorts of things. I’d speak in a deep voice or use my hands to express myself. I’d quote scripture because I thought God wanted to hear all that stuff. I laugh sometimes when I remember hearing preachers pray with a big blustery voice. As if God would be impressed with that. I found a secret that most people just pass by in the bible. Prayer is talking to God. I speak in English unless I am praying in the Spirit. I’ll talk about that later. If you speak French or German, use that language to speak to God. When I first seriously asked God to heal someone, all I said was Ok God do something. And guess what He did. You can talk to God about anything. It doesn’t have to be about something serious. I’d talk to God about going shopping with me. Or I’d ask Him what He wanted. Or how He feels today. Talking to God is getting to know Him. And that is what God has wanted all along. First you must believe that God is, and a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. When you believe that He is there and listening, talk to Him and ask Him about anything. Do not be surprised if he answers you. Most people hear God perfectly. They are always surprised that that was the voice of God. If you a waiting for the megaphones to boom in your ears, sorry. God doesn’t use a big voice or stick. He sometimes uses lightning to get my attention. His voice is a still small voice that comes from the depths of your heart. It is peaceable, not confusing, and guilt free. When I started God used the scriptures to talk to me. So I wouldn’t be confused. Begin to pray and let God answer you. Let me know what you hear.

Crain Blanchard.



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