The Birth was on this wise.

The birth of a child is a marvelous thing. It’s a scary and joyful event all at the same time. You’re excited about the new little person coming into the world. Then it hits you, you are responsible for this life to God. You have so many questions about what will happen. And you have to wait to see what will happen. You love this little person with your whole heart and you don’t know them yet. A child is a mixture of love and pain all rolled into one. The pain comes because you love them unconditionally. Yet you believe the best for this person. If they cry it breaks your heart. Mary felt all these emotions with the birth of her first born son, Jesus. All His life , Mary believed in her son and trusted God, including up to His death and resurrection. All the love and longsuffering that goes with children. But the joy that a child brings is worth everything. This is what my children have taught me. And I am better for it. Mary and Joseph knew this too.

Crain Blanchard.

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