Out of the Wilderness.

When Jesus came out of the wilderness, He went home to Nazareth. His mother and brothers and sister lived there. As The Bible says we are to begin at home. Jesus preached in the local synagogue. They became so angry, that they wanted to kill him. Jesus moved to Capernaum on the sea of Galilee. You know, everything that Jesus did was by the word of God. Jesus preached in the local synagogue and began to pray for people’s healing. Everyone that He prayed for was healed. The word began to spread throughout the region. Jesus began to call the disciples and to teach the core of the church. What Jesus was preaching, was repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Peter, Andrew, John and James were among the first to answer the call. Jesus was living at Peter’s house. The word of the healings went out through all of Israel, Jordan and Syria. People needing healing came from everywhere to Jesus. He prayed and healed all that asked. This is what is called a revival. So many people kept coming that he had to go on a mountainside to preach. This is what comes from prayer and fasting. I like to eat regularly, but I’d rather see miracles. God has given every believer the tools to work in the Kingdom of God. It just depends on how committed you are to the work of the gospel. What are you willing to give to God? Life is short and even if you don’t have much time left, you can still commit your life to God. (Matthew 4).

Crain Blanchard.



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