Salt and Light.

Have you ever heard something that wasn’t palatable? It left a bad taste in your mouth. We all have. You just walk away. I have always heard to let your speech be seasoned with salt. So that it is palatable to everyone who hears. Jesus taught it first. In a parable about cooking Jesus said, if the salt sours it is good-for-nothing but to be thrown out. Then it is only good to be walked on by man. If our speech is too hard, it will be rejected and is worthless. To get your point across, people have to understand and think it is in their best interests. Then Jesus talked about letting your light shine before men. When people see the light of God they will generally except what you say. If they can’t see the light, you can talk to your blue in the face and people won’t listen. Jesus uses stories to teach the truth. Because most people will listen to stories. Season your speech with salt and let your light of God shine in your life that people will hear the truth from God.

Crain Blanchard.

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