Great Expectations for 2020.

Today is a day of reflections. We look back at this past year and groan for the mistakes we made and the victories in our life. Then we look forward to 2020. What is going to happen this year? Then we look at the things that are carried over to this year. Now we make New Year Resolutions to change things. I’m sorry it is almost a standing joke to make New Year resolutions. The book Great Expectations was written 150 years ago about basically the same thing. The rise and fall and rise again of an individual. He went through grief and pursued life with his heart to achieve his goal. But there is a way that we can achieve Great Expectations. King David, when he was in trouble always went back to what God had given him. And he would speak it out. Not only to bolster his courage, but to remind him of what God has done for him. In Psalms 103, David speak of the benefits God gave to him. A Psalm of David, Bless the Lord, O my soul, all that I am, bless His Holy name. Forget not all His benefits, Who forgives us, Who heals us, Who redeems us, Who crowns us with love and mercy, Who satisfies our mouth with good things and renews our youth like an eagle. (Ps.103:1-5). If you want Great Expectations, then recount the testimonies of the Lord.

Crain Blanchard.

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