Forgiveness, works both ways.

When ever Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He always taught forgiveness. People who have wronged us, we need to forgive. It’s not always easy, depending on what they did. But that’s not what God says. The disciples asked Jesus, how often do we forgive a person. The disciples said 7 times a day. Jesus said 70×7 in a day. God wants our hearts to be open to recieve from God and man. Jesus called the religious leaders hard hearted. They had closed their hearts and minds to the truth of God’s word. What God is looking for is an open heart to do His will on this earth. Right after Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He said forgive. So, that your heavenly Father can forgive you. Our forgiveness depends on us forgiving others. Then you can ask God for whatever. (Matthew 6).

Crain Blanchard.

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