The Life I now live.

We have been talking about loving one another for the past two days. Now let’s talk about the love of God. How much does God love us? Does God love our sinful nature? No. God is righteous and turns from sin. Is it only because we are created by Him? No. But God had to do something to get us back from that sinful nature. God gave us His word to follow but that didn’t work. God destroyed mankind and started again. But that didn’t work. God chose a people to be the light of the world. But that didn’t work. Finally, God sent His son to be our example and to die for our sins. Now that is the plan that does work. As the bible says, I am crucified with Christ. This is the only way man can go back to heaven, if we die to ourselves. Why, because Jesus is our example of how to live and He did this because He loves us with His whole heart. (Galatians 2).

Crain Blanchard.

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