Exhortation, Reproof.

No one wants to be corrected. Everyone believes they are doing the right thing. Bot God uses reproof and exhorting to correct our hearts. We hide deep in our hearts, things that we don’t want to see the light of day. But God knows they are there anyway. I worked at a Christian radio station years ago. One Saturday, I was on air and play a program from a church. The pastor was preaching hard. A little too hard for some people’s taste. I recieved a phone from an angry listener. This pastor has said something derogatory about his demonination. He called to complain. I began to talk to him. I said, blessed are they who aren’t offended in me, Jesus. I began to explain why the pastor was on the air. He was an exhortor. It was his job from God to get people riled up, so God could deal with them. I told him, it was because he was angry. That was the problem not the pastor. As I explained the gospel, he understood and I prayed with him. Exhortation and reproof are a valid ministry in the kingdom. You won’t win friends and influence people often. But God can bring about good results for our work in the kingdom.

Crain Blanchard.



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