Pray, Read and Do.

James’s epistle was short. Because it was, he got to the point. Sometimes younger Christians read the epistles and think that the writer is being hard and unforgiving. But the truth is that they come the point in several paragraphs. Exhortation is needed to stir up our heart to get to the truth. It’s not always fun. But is quite necessary to cleanse our hearts of sin. James talked about being cheap, greedy, patience and prayer. He warned people who withheld a fair wage to laborers. He said that their sin will find them out. He told the laborers to be patience because God will rectify the situation. They he said we should pray, for those who sick, that we may be healed. God said that effectual fervent prayer avails much. The conclusion is that as believers, we should pray, read the word of God and do what it says. Then we will fulfill what God has called us to.

Crain Blanchard.

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