A Picture in the Bible.

When God made Adam, He didn’t give Adam a bible. All God did was talk to him face to face. Still, Adam didn’t obey and lost his place with God. In each generation, God wanted to restore man, but couldn’t until Jesus. So, God devised a different plan. God gave man covenants. They were written down so man could read them. God and Moses codified the law in the 10 commandments. Then God gave Moses the first 5 books of the bible. God told the Hebrews to teach their children’s children about the law of Moses. And throughout the ages, God gave the next generation the word of God. Why did God give this lengthy book to us? God did it to give us a picture of Jesus. There are still only 2 commandments we must keep. The first is to love God with all we are. And the second is to love our neighbors as our self. Then we become the picture of Jesus to the world.

Crain Blanchard.



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