The X Generation.

Everything today is given almost instantaneously. The X generation wants it now. The faster the better. But is it better? The price of cell phones is ridiculous. Companies now finance them so ordinary people can buy them. But they will never match your mind and a pencil and paper. When Jesus was born, there were 3 men and their entourage travels for almost 2 years and they traveled on camels. They were looking for the new king of Israel. They were kings in their own right. They saw a star, which was 5 planets that aligned in the sky. They came from Persia. After they left for home, they left with great joy. They were satisfied that they found Jesus. It changed their lives. How is your search going? Do you think you will be satisfied as these men? If you end game is Jesus, yes you will be. My search took 28 years. Turn around, God is standing there waiting for you. Ask and shall recieve forgiveness. It doesn’t take a lifetime to find Him. Jesus is waiting for you now.

Crain Blanchard.

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