God loved us first.

All my life I search for someone who would accept me as me. All I saw was people with their own agendas. People said they loved me ,but it was only when it was going their way. So, I searched. It’s a lonely way to live. Then I heard about this person, who gave His life for me. He was both man and God. He lived 2000 years ago. At first I didn’t believe it was true. It took a long time, before I was close to believing. Then I met Him and stories were true. He loved me for who I was. Jesus accepted me, sins and all. It doesn’t matter what people think, say or do to me. I am loved my Father, God, and my older Brother prays for me continually. God sent His Spirit to live inside of me. Now I’m whole and headed home. Romans 5:5-8.

Crain Blanchard.



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