What would have happened if Joseph didn’t believe God?

In Matthew 1&2, it is the story of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The bible says that Joseph was just man. So, when he found his espoused wife pregnant, he had to make a choice. God explained the situation and Joseph had to choose. Thank God, he made the right decision. But he had a free will just like us. Joseph wasn’t any different than we are. Then he had to take Mary, when she was very pregnant, to Bethlehem for the taxation. There Jesus was born. Then the wise men came bearing gifts, proclaiming Jesus king of the Jews. When they left God told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt and stay there until He told them otherwise. Then God told Joseph to go back to Israel. Herod’s son ruled in Jerusalem, he took his family to Nazareth. All this happened in the first 4 years of Jesus’s life. Joseph was an ordinary man like us. He had the choice to believe God or not. Thank God, he chose God. I was saved in a revival 40 years ago. The pastor told me that he was the 5th choice of God. 4 men before him didn’t choose God’s plan. 1000’s of people were saved in that revival. How many times have you refused God? What would happen if you had accepted God’s plan in your life? Just like Joseph, we have a choice.

Crain Blanchard.



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