Meekness, an attribute of God.

In Matthew 5:5, it says that the meek shall inherit the earth. So, what is God talking about? God wants to impart one of His attributes to us. It’s an attitude of the heart and is contrary to everything we stand for. Most people think meekness is weakness. But this isn’t so. Meekness can only be displayed through strength. It takes a very strong willed person to be meek. This person must have a thick skin by the Holy Ghost. When Jesus set His face toward Jerusalem, nothing could change His mind. He didn’t fuss or cuss because of His choice. He took on His choice with faith and meekness. It takes more courage to be meek, than it does otherwise. People saw that meekness in Jesus. Which made Him approachable. People still see that meekness. This is the attribute that God wants us to have. So, they can see Jesus in us and come.

Crain Blanchard.

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